Montmorency Village Car Parking
Banyule, Victoria
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Les Clarke
Community Project
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Montmorency has a severe lack of car parking spaces adjacent to the village shopping centre
This is exacerbated by the overflow of commuter parking in the centre and surrounding residential streets
There are a number of possibilities to provide more spaces
Privately owned existing undeveloped car park behind the newsagent could be developed as two levels not requiring ramps due to the level change
Existing railway commuter car park could be similarly developed with two levels
Construction in both cases could be economic steel with concrete platform
In each case the upper level would not intrude to a high level
The existing Council car park on the east side could be extended by acquiring unused and ugly rear portions of shop sites
100 to 200 additional spaces could be provided retaining the village feel of the centre and attracting further use of the updated railway system
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