"Kristallnacht Cantata"
Port Phillip, Victoria
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Alon Trigger
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Proposal: A Cantata to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Aboriginal leader William Cooper’s unique protest against “Kristallnacht.”

What this project entails: The Cantata will involve a multi-disciplinary approach that will incorporate a chamber orchestra, chamber choir, two vocal soloists, enhanced staging and audio-visuals. The Cantata’s duration will be approximately 35 minutes.

The significance and importance of this project: The 80th anniversary of “Kristallnacht” this year comes at a time when Holocaust survivors are rapidly diminishing, coupled with increasing concerns about current extremism, racial hatred and apathy. In this milieu, a hero like Aboriginal leader William Cooper serves as a role model for social justice, activism and “Tikkun Olam” (mending a broken world).
The Cantata has both artistic and educational value, being highly relevant to a generation that has become increasingly detached and indifferent to the tragic events of the Holocaust.
While the Cantata depicts the events leading to the Nazi Pogrom, the underlying message, personified by William Cooper, is that we should eschew apathy and live according to our convictions based on integrity and social justice.
While the Cantata artistically describes the horrors of “Kristallnacht,” it concludes with a note of optimism in which William Cooper’s vision of basic human decency and social justice are held as values to strive for and acted upon in a turbulent world.
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    Social Enterprise
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