How Tribus works
Tribus helps bring community projects to life
We're here to help your ideas become a reality.
  • First
    Start an idea
    Get your idea out into
    the community
  • Second
    Validate your idea
    From 1 Tribus user to turn your idea into a project.
  • Third
    Turn it into a project
    Get funding, volunteers and support from your community.
  • Then
    Reach Milestones
    Achieve project
    milestones etc
What is Tribus?
About Tribus
Tribus is a purpose-built platform for local communities. We connect great ideas with the local councils, volunteers and business backers that are ready and willing to fund them. At Tribus, we believe everyone can get involved and be the change they want to see in their local community. Our simple, user-friendly tools make it easy to pitch and share ideas, build wide community support, and make great projects happen with tools like volunteering, grants and crowdfunding. Tribus exists to make communities better places to live, work and play - empowering people and building stronger communities for all.
It all starts with an Idea
Tribus is built on Ideas. Ideas are the building blocks that communities use to improve their neighbourhood and the best ideas come from the communities themselves. Tribus is the tool to bring your cool ideas to life, share them with your community, gain support from your neighbours, and then turn them into Projects. Once an Idea becomes a Project, Tribus gives you access to advanced tools to make it all happen. Tools like volunteer management, petitioning, and crowdfunding.
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Who uses Tribus?
Value for Communities
Tribus helps to support grass-roots community initiatives. It has a wide range of tools, resources, guides and tutorials to step you through the process of launching an idea, gaining support and then bringing it to life. Tribus will connect you with like-minded people in your community, businesses that are keen to assist with local projects as well as your local council.
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Value for Councils
Tribus provides local government with unprecedented opportunities for community engagement and project visibility in one easy location. The Tribus dashboard for councils highlights at a glance what matters most to your community, allowing you to decide which initiatives need support and which issues need tackling.
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Value for Businesses
Tribus is an exciting new way for local businesses to connect with the community that supports their trade. It allows businesses to contribute to local area projects and be recognised for the important role they play in creating a vibrant and connected community.
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The people behind the platform
Meet the team helping run Tribus behind the scenes
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Projects are initiated either by a community member or group, a local council, or a company (each having a distinct colour code to differentiate the ‘leader’).

Project could be a community led event that’s calling for funding and volunteers, a local council developing a new facility seeking community engagement, or even a supermarket providing a grant to help encourage healthy eating in local schools.
Get support
The Tribus tools help bring community led projects to life and give people a more direct voice on the council and company led projects in their local community.

Once a community led project is initiated it needs to build supporters in order to activate the Tribus tools.

Councils and company projects have access to a powerful dashboard interface to better connect them with the local communities in which they are working.
Tribus is all about making cool stuff happen and bringing people together in local communities…not just talking about it.

Once a project phase is completed it will see volunteers connected to community groups, ideas come to life through crowd funding, councils connected to the heartbeat of local communities needs and initiatives.