Tribus is a new Australian platform empowering people, councils and businesses to be the change they want to see in their local community.
Through our unique platform and tools, Tribus makes it easy for everyone to pitch and share ideas, build wide community support, and bring great projects to life through volunteering, grants and crowdfunding.
Tribus is led by Dean Landy, a renowned Melbourne architect, author and social entrepreneur with a lifelong commitment to building communities around Australia and beyond.
Our small, dedicated team is based in Collingwood, Melbourne. Get in touch with us here.
Tribus exists to make communities better places to live, work and play. We put our money where our mouth (so to speak!) with a commitment to three key principles:
  • Keeping Tribus free for community members to join, find and access local collaboration and matching tools like volunteering , grants and crowdfunding. We are the only [multifunctional] platform that doesn’t pass on crowdfunding fees or grant administration costs to recipients.
  • Partnering with forward-thinking councils and businesses to provide grants and offset community costs through subscription packages. We also keep Tribus ‘ad free’ thanks to our sponsor/s.
  • Giving back, reinvesting [a percentage of all] profits through the Tribus Foundation to seed projects that improve the liveability of local communities.